What are we doing
Website development
  • Company website development
  • Create an online store
  • Create a landing page
  • Create a web application
Internet marketing
  • Contextual advertising
  • Analysis of website usability
  • Website promotion (SEO)
Mobile development
  • Development of mobile iOS apps
  • Develop Android mobile applications
Technical support
  • Support websites
  • Hosting
  • Copywriting

Website Development White Web lab

The website is primarily a tool for you or your business for that particular result. Team White Web lab has been developing web projects of very different complexity, from the landing pages to large web portals with a large attendance and the number of pages. Regardless of the complexity of the project development in our studio is always made with the following steps.

Getting to know your business, drawing up proposals

To create a truly useful for you and the client web project we need to understand what the main goal you are pursuing and what benefits you can bring to your potential customers. To do this, we do our best to understand your topic, identify the main competitors, to understand how we can be helpful to your potential customers. We draw up the terms of reference for the project is determined by the timing of implementation. Field coordination with the client proceeds to implementation.

Prototyping and creating design

After receiving the analysis phase-page structure of the new website start prototyping future template pages of your website. We think through the scenarios of interaction potential customers to our site, accommodation units, and their purpose. After prototyping perform their optimization and coordination with the client, we transfer to the work of the designer.

Having finished the layout of the new designer of the project begins to pick up the color din, font, draws our project design layouts, after aligning them with the client and make edits on design go to the next stage of development.

Layout and programming

With a ready design of our new website we begin it "impose" - the expert makes our design displayed correctly in browsers of all kinds. On page templates ready our new website goes to programming, where programmers spend process of "pulling" on the selectedCMS and programming all the features of the new website.

Quality control and placing on the hosting

During programming, we conduct a phased project testing for errors, to complete the project development it passes functional testing and load testing. Held the project delivery process to the customer, after which we run it to your hosting.